We build environments that better serve our desires to live, work and play


Rembold is a diverse and innovative real estate development company investing in and developing select real estate projects. Wayne Rembold and his two daughters, Kira Cador and Kali Bader, direct the operations of the company and have been responsible for the development of over $900 million of real estate since 1974.  The development experience includes 2,680 apartment and condominium units, 4,000+ housing lots, 1.8M SF of industrial space, 580k SF of office space and 1.0M SF of retail space.

Rembold’s real estate development projects demonstrate the best of entrepreneurial vision, quality design and construction, and proven economic performance. These qualities complement a corporate management philosophy combining knowledgeable intuition with detailed financial and economic analysis.   The projects developed typify the spirit, style, and eye for the market the company brings to its developments as a result of decades of measured and quality experience.



Rembold follows five strong convictions in their approach to development:

  • DETERMINATION – character and intention in all facets of work

  • RESPECT – place value in regard for all relationships

  • INTEGRITY – honesty, fairness and morality govern all decisions

  • CREATIVITY – new ideas and alternate approaches always considered

  • PROFITABILITY – yield high returns for all partners