Four-story apartments, retail project hopes to revitalize downtown Beaverton

Downtown Beaverton is taking another step into the urban world with The Signal, a four-story residential/retail development that caters to walkers and bikers.

Currently a vacant lot on Southwest 1st Street and Southwest Angel Avenue near Beaverton High School, construction is expected to start the first week of November, said Kali Bader, vice president of Rembold development company.

The $20 million project will have 87 units, including 78 one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and studio apartments and nine "live/work" spaces designed as two-story or single story in which residents can live and work in the same place. Prices are estimated to range from $1,050 to $2,000 a month.

The project will also include 2,300 square feet of retail space as well as community spaces, a fitness center and a bike and pet wash station. Covered parking will be on the ground floor.

Bader said the bike and pet wash area will be a white tiled room with separate areas to wash and repair bikes and to clean pets.

"If you come in with a dirty pet or bike, you can stop there (first)," Bader said. Because so many people store their bikes in their apartments, it's a way to help people keep the units clean.

The project is a boon for Beaverton, said Mayor Denny Doyle.

"This is a way to revitalize old town," he said. "That property has been siting there in that condition for a long, long time."

Every project like this will encourage other developers to take a serious look at downtown Beaverton, Doyle said. "We're up to four (projects) now and things are going to change."

Bader said she sees the project as helping build a more "vibrant" downtown Beaverton.  Like downtown Portland, The Signal residents can walk or bike to nearby restaurants and shops, public transportation, a farmers market, the downtown library and other places. 

The city sold Rembold the property for $780,000 in 2014 and Metro awarded Rembold a $350,000 grant used to encourage high-density housing and retail near public transit.

The Signal is expected to be completed in 2016.

By Wendy Owen of The Oregonian