Why Beaverton, Oregon Is One of the Coolest Suburbs in America

The living is easy in Beaverton, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Neighbors are chatty. Bike trails to neighboring towns and downtown Portland abound. Hop in your car to dozens of box stores minutes away. It seems like everyone composts. Parking is readily available and free. There’s never a line at the post office. City employees return calls swiftly. I could go on. Have I mentioned that all aspects of life are comically uncomplicated? Especially compared to a stint in Manhattan? They are.

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Many Rich Folks Say Renting Beats Buying

"They're building apartments no one can afford" is a frequently heard complaint about the affordable housing crisis.

Those making the complaint — including affordable housing advocates and some local elected officials — mean that most of the new apartments being built in the greater Portland region are too expensive for even median-income renters. They are priced far higher than the relatively few publicly subsidized ones that help prevent homelessness.

That is true — but it is not the fault of those behind the new upscale apartments. Their developers are responding to well-understood market trends. A recent study says an increasing percentage of renters want and can afford such apartments, both here and nationwide.

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